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About Us

COLEMANS AUTO REPAIRS is a family run business with a wide knowledge of the industry.  We understand the importance of vehicles from businesses to every day family life.  Our focus is to ensure each job is done efficiently, affordably and to provide great customer service.  We create a good relationship with each of our customers and ensure they feel comfortable and at ease with us.

Robert has been a mechanic for over 15 years and is very passionate about what he does.  He served his time with Mercedes-Benz and holds recognised qualifications with Mercedes and Volvo brands.  He has worked with motors of all makes and sizes, varying from every day cars, campervans, HGV's to even Unimogs (and everything in between!).  Robert wanted to create a space that was welcoming, honest and that people could trust, so he decided it was time to open COLEMANS AUTO REPAIRS.  As a family man, he knows the pressures of every day life so he makes the time to listen to his customers and has made sure his rates are affordable to the every day family.

We also know the pressures of running a business and the importance of having vehicles roadworthy and out working.  We work closely with local businesses and take care of their every mechanical needs so that their vehicles and livelihood runs smoothly.  We create relationships with different businesses depending on their needs.  We can create a bespoke maintenance and repairs package to suit your needs, meaning you are not paying for anything you do not want or need.

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